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Incode 2030

Portugal INCoDe.2030

The National Initiative for Digital Skills e.2030, Portugal INCoDe.2030, aims to stimulate and ensure the development of digital skills as a tool for paving the way for a future-oriented society, focused on the new opportunities arising from the fast-paced adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Launched on April 3, 2017, this initiative seeks to ensure the generalization of digital technology access to the entire population, as well as the training of younger generations, by stimulating and strengthening digital skills. It also seeks to train the active population, foster specialization in digital technologies, and to ensure the conditions for the production of new knowledge, supporting research in the technology/digital field and promoting the use of artificial intelligence and programming languages.

In this context, Portugal INCoDe.2030 is structured around 5 strategic pillars: inclusion, education, qualification, specialization, and research. Each of these pillars is associated with a number of public policy goals and measures, which are to be implemented by several institutions and organizations.

The initiative intends to meet three major challenges by 2030:

  • ensure digital literacy and inclusion for the exercise of citizenship;
  • foster specialization in digital technologies and applications, in order to promote occupational qualification and a higher value-added economy;
  • produce new knowledge in international cooperation contexts.

Portugal INCoDe.2030 is a joint initiative of the governmental areas of Administrative Modernization; Science, Technology and Higher Education; Education; Labor; Planning and Infrastructure; and Economy, of the 21st Constitutional Government of Portugal. It is part of the ICT international context, and aims to improve and strengthen Portugal's position in the European Commission's 2017 DESI Index (Digital Economy & Society Index), increasing the country's competitiveness by promoting digital skills.

Throughout the initiative, FCT is the coordinating organization for the various measures associated with the five strategic pillars.

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