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Registration and institutional access credentials

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  • To register an institution in the FCT information systems you must do the following:

    1. Enter the Science and Technology Portal and log in with a user previously registered in FCT's systems.
    2. Choose the Institution Registration option
    3. Fill in the institution's data and click on SAVE to submit the data.

    The FCT will validate the data and the institution will be available within 24 hours.

  • To obtain your access credential, the institution must follow these steps:

    1. Confirm that the institution is registered in the FCT systems. If it is not yet registered, you can do so in the PCT under the option Institution Registration.
    2. Confirm that the head of the institution is registered in the FCT systems. If not yet registered, you can do it in MyFCT.
    3. Send a request to with the name of the institution's officer, his/her SCIENCE ID, the position he/she holds, and proof of the officer's position.
    4. FCT will send to the officer's email the PCT access credential.
  • It is the translation into English, without legal value, of the name of the institution, for scientific or other evaluation purposes.

  • Are available for viewing the institution data existing in the FCT Database. In the absence of information on required fields, please contact FCT through the e-mail

  • This is the Legal Entity Identification Number. It will be blank if it coincides with the NIF. There are institutions that have NIPC and do not have NIF. In this case this field must be filled in. There are institutions that have neither NIF nor NIPC.

  • It is the institution on which it depends from the organic point of view. For example: Instituto Superior Técnico is an organic unit of the University of Lisbon (ULisboa). When you register Instituto Superior Técnico, indicate University of Lisbon (ULisboa) in this field.

    When the registered institution is the Faculty of Engineering of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, this field must be filled in with Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

  • If the institution has an NIF or NIPC, the name should be exactly the same as it appears in the National Register of Legal Entities. If the institution does not have NIF or NIPC the name should be the official one that appears in the applicable Statutes, Regulations, etc.

  • You will have to access the PCT as an individual user. Since you are a member of the Administration group you will have access to the functionalities that allow you to make this delegation.

  • It is the Social Security Identification Number. There are institutions registered in the FCT Database that do not have a NISS.

  • It is the Economic Activities Code - Revision 3. For more information consult the National Institute of Statistics Portal.

  • This is the Tax Identification Number. When this field is filled in the name of the institution must coincide with the one inserted in the card issued by the Tax Authorities. There are institutions registered in the FCT Database that do not have a Fiscal Identification Number.

  • Send an e-mail, with the missing data, to You may be contacted back with further clarification to authenticate the author of the e-mail message.

  • You have access to the "Access Delegation" and "Institution Data" functionalities.

    These data are used, automatically, by FCT in the management of the institution's funding. It is the responsibility of the institution to keep them updated.

    Incorrect or missing information may lead to errors that cannot be attributed to FCT.

  • This is where the institution indicates its collaborators (3 at most) who belong to the Administration group. The elements that are administrators are allowed to define and structure the groups of collaborators that will have access to the several functionalities of the Science and Technology Portal(what is the Science and Technology Portal?). To do so they will have to access the PCT as individual users.