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Transnational Cooperation

EuroHPC – European High Performance Computing

EuroHPC is a Joint Undertaking established under Article 187 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, involving the European Commission and several Member and Associated States, with the support of the European Technology Platform for High-Performance Computing (ETP4HPC) Association and the Big Data Value Association (BDVA). EuroHPC’s goal is to place the European Union at the forefront of the High Performance Computing technologies, by supporting the development of exascale supercomputers.


25 July 2019: Announcement of EuroHPC 2019 calls, more information here.
14 November 2019, 17h00 (CET) : Deadline for proposals to calls “Innovating and Widening the HPC use and skills base” (H2020-JTI-EuroHPC-2019-2)
14 January 2020, 17h00 (CET) : Deadline for proposals to calls “Towards Extreme Scale Technologies and Applications” (H2020-JTI-EuroHPC-2019-1)

EuroHPC 2019 Calls for Proposals

EuroHPC has announced its 2019 calls for proposals, to support Innovation Actions (IA) and Research and Innovation Actions (RIA), as well as a specific Coordination and Support Action (CSA). The evaluation procedure will be in one single stage, with the support of an international panel of experts.

How to apply

  • Proposals will have two stages of eligibility check: at European level, according to H2020 rules, and at national level, according to the national rules of each funding agency;
  • All applicants are strongly advised to contact their national funding agency before submission of the proposal;
  • Proposal are submitted electronically in the H2020 Funding and Tenders Portal;
  • The participation of Portuguese entities will be regulated by Regulation on Projects Funded Solely by National Funds;
  • All Portuguese participants in proposals selected for funding will have to send a Declaration of Commitment, duly signed and stamped by the PI and the legal representative of the institution. FCT will provide the document to the participants selected for funding.

Financial commitment and rules of participation

  • National commitment to the 3 topics of Call H2020-JTI-EuroHPC-2019-1: 900.000 €
  • National commitment to topic 4 of Call H2020-JTI-EuroHPC-2019-2: 1.000.000 €
  • There will be no public national funding to topic 5 of Call H2020-JTI-EuroHPC-2019-2
  • Maximum duration of the project: 36 months
  • If funded, national participants will have to report to the EuroHPC JU according to H2020 rules, regarding the EU funding; and will also have to report to FCT, according to the present Regulation, regarding the national funding.

National Funding Rates

EuroHPC calls are co-funded by the European Commission through the EuroHPC JU, in a percentage that varies from 35% to 50% (or 100% in the case of the EuroHPC-04-2019 CSA, where no national funding will be awarded). The national funding rate will be:

  • For RTOs: 100%-JU of eligible costs, up to a limit of 99.759,58€ of national public funding per institution, per year of project;
  • For companies, large or SME: 50%-JU of eligible costs, up to a limit of 99.759,58€ of national public funding per institution, per year of project.

Note: Time dedicated (FTE) to transnational projects is not accounted for the FCT limit of 100% of time allocated to national projects.


National Contact Point

Email: Concursos-EuroHPC@FCCN.PT
Tel: (351) 218 440 100
FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Unidade FCCN – Computação Científica Nacional
Av. do Brasil, 101, 1700-066 Lisboa, Portugal