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Call for Expression of Interest | FCT Evaluation Panels

Call for Expression of Interest to become a FCT Panel Member

FCT launches a call for Expression of Interest (EOI) for scientists of all areas of knowledge who wish to be considered for the FCT Evaluation Panels. Gender, institution and age balance will be taken into consideration in setting up the panels.

Why become a FCT Panel Member?

By serving as a FCT Panel Member you will be able to use your expertise for the scientific assessment of proposals submitted to calls launched by FCT. In this way you will contribute to fair and transparent scientific assessments that match the highest international evaluation standards. Moreover, your feedback on the evaluation process will be an important contribution to the continuous improvement of FCT evaluation procedures.

Until when can I express my interest?

This EOI can be submitted at any time. However, to be considered as a Panel Member for the coming FCT Individual Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships Evaluation Panels, please submit your application no later than the 15 April 2015.

What are the minimum requirements for consideration?

To consider your interest to become Panel Member a PhD degree and a minimum of 5 years of experience after obtaining this degree are required. Furthermore, recognised experience in the supervision of PhD students (minimum 2) and in the coordination of research projects is necessary. For further details, please read the Terms of Reference carefully.

How to apply?

Submit the EOI form available here. To help you filling in the form, a questionnaire template can be downloaded here. When filling in the form please don't forget to regularly save your data by clicking on "Resume later". Otherwise the data you inserted may be lost.
Also, keep your CV updated at FCT-SIG. If you are not registered yet, please register at FCT-SIG.

Where should I send Questions or Comments to?

Please send us any questions or comments to