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Here you will find general publications on FCT, as well as publications on science and innovation in Portugal that FCT has produced. For more specific publications, such and Activity Plans and Annual Reports, go to About FCT > Documents. The regulations, notice of calls and guides for funding schemes may be found in the respective sections of the website.

Atlas of Associate Laboratories
Atlas of Research Units 2022
R&D Projects
Portugal and the Holocaust: research and memory

Montesinho International
Research Awards
Gender Research 4 Covid-19
Special support for R&D projects
IC&DT Projects in the Prevention and Combat of Forest Fires

R&D projects for the Côa Valley region
Portuguese Roadmap of Research Infrastructures - 2020 Update
ERA-MIN 2 Flyer 2019
Research in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence applied to Public Administration
FCT - 20 Years supporting Science and Technology in Portugal
(Full Version)
ERA-MIN 2 Flyer 2018
FCT in 2018
Portugal Space 2030
FCT - 20 Years supporting Science and Technology in Portugal
ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 - Catalogue of projects
ERA-MIN 2 Flyer 2017
10 Years ERC in Portugal
Portuguese Roadmap of Research Infra-Structures
Highlights of the Portuguese Traineeship Programme at CERN, ESA and ESO
Portugal in Large Scale Research Facilities Catalogue
Portuguese Space Catalogue
Analysis of the Portuguese Research and Innovation System
FCT Fold-out 2015
2015 FCT Brochure