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European Marine Board launches call for two new Young Ambassadors


FCT is a member of the European Marine Board (EMB), a pan-European think-tank working on the marine science-policy interface. The EMB has an ongoing Young Ambassador Programme, with four Ambassadors from EMB member organizations in the role and has launched a new call for two new EMB Young Ambassadors. Deadline for applications is 27 February 2022.

The new Young Ambassadors will take up the post in April 2022 and serve a two-year term until spring 2024, after which they will join the EMB Ambassador Alumni programme. Further information can be found below.

Alongside this call for Ambassadors, it is also open a call for Ambassadors mentors. If you would be willing and interested to be a mentor for one of the EMB Young Ambassadors, please contact the EMB Secretariat to find out more.

What is the Ambassador programme?

EMB Young Ambassadors work with the EMB Secretariat to help promote the marine sciences (both natural and social) and Ocean matters, and EMB activities in particular, to their peers. 

The Ambassadors gain access to and knowledge about the European marine science-policy landscape, and EMB gains valuable insight and the ability to reach out to new audiences in new ways. You can find out more about the programme here.

Ambassadors receive a 2,000 EUR stipend spread over the two years of the programme and an additional budget of up to 3,000 EUR to cover costs linked to events, travel and communications.

Who can apply?

  • Any PhD student (in their first two years of PhD) or post-doc researcher (with at least two years left on current contract). EMB Young Ambassadors can be stationed inside or outside the EU and can have a background in any aspect related to the marine environment, including natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, interdisciplinary research, and/or science communication. It isn’t a requirement to be an EU citizen, however they do need to have a demonstrable link with an EMB Member Organization
  • For research performing organizations, this can include PhD’s and Post-Docs working at or linked to your organization. For University Consortia, this can include PhD’s and Post-Docs working at any of your consortium member organizations, or within the coordination of the consortium. For research funders, this can include any PhD’s or Post-Docs either working for the funder itself or conducting a PhD or Post-Doc programme in a marine-related topic that you fund.

As most of the applications received in previous years have been from natural science researchers, the EMB Secretariat is particularly keen to reach other fields (see above) as well.

The full call for applications, and the application form, can be found on the EMB website. For further information, please contact the EMB at

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