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The FCT Information System

FCT Portals

FCT manages different portals and platforms to publish information about calls and other processes and communicate with national R&D Institutions.

Here is a list of the main FCT Portals:

  • FCT Sig
    FCT’s information system (FCTSig) enables the use of several systems available on FCT as well as updating individual profiles and accessing information.

  • FCT Sig CV
    Plataforma do Sistema de Informação da FCT para registo de Curriculos.

  • FCT Sig Evaluation
    Online Evaluation portal.

  • FCT Sig Expense Management
    Expense Management Portal.

  • Science and Technology Portal (PCT)
    The Science and Technology Portal (PCT) gathers management applications for R&D Units, R&D Projects and Fellowships and communication tools for the scientific community.

  • Portal for Fellowship calls
    Here you can apply to calls for individual fellowships, after registering on FCTSig.

  • Portal for R&D Projects
    Here you can apply to calls for R&D Projects, after registering on FCTSig.

  • Euraxess
    This website gathers support information for researchers planning to move to and from Portugal.

  • Era Careers Portal
    Advertisements for grants within R&D Projects and Institutions.

  • Curriculum DeGóis
    Researcher CVs can be registered in this platform and later used in application forms for FCT’s R&D Project and Fellowship calls.

  • FCT Investigator Portal
    Here you can apply to FCT Investigator calls and read more information about this programme.