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The FCT Information System

FCT Portals

Information systems for grant management:

myFCT is the new online system for managing the entire funding life cycle granted by FCT. myFCT is designed to support the process of applying, reviewing, approving and managing grants in a single system.
Permanent individual means of identification and authentication for citizens carrying out scientific activity.
CIÊNCIAVITAE is a platform that allows you to create, manage and promote your curriculum quickly and simply.
FCT’s information system (FCT SIG) enables the use of several systems available on FCT as well as updating individual profiles and accessing information.
Science and Technology Portal (PCT)
The Science and Technology Portal (PCT) gathers management applications for R&D Units, R&D Projects and Fellowships and communication tools for the scientific community.
Portal for R&D Projects
Here you can apply to calls for R&D Projects.
FCT SIG Expense Management
Contratos Programa expense management portal.
This website gathers support information for researchers planning to move to and from Portugal.
Era Careers Portal
Advertisements for grants within R&D Projects and Institutions.
FCT SIG CV (Discontinued)
FCT Information System Platform for Curriculum Registration.