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What it is

FCT-SIG denotes the restricted access components of the FCT information and management system.

For whom

FCT-SIG offers functionality to researchers involved in FCT funded research, as well as science and technology managers in institutions funded or evaluated by FCT.


The FCT Information and Management System (FCT-SIG) requires that its users make available a minimal data set to guarantee access and usage of the majority of FCT web based systems, allowing information interchange on an individual level, in a private and secure fashion. Supplying that minimal data set is performed through registration which starts by completing and submitting the form below on this page.

How to access

In the top right corner of this and other pages in this site, next to the FCT-SIG logo, you can enter your access credentials which you should have received by email after registration, which will grant you access to your reserved area.

If you have yet registered you can do so below.

We remind you that you can only register once in the FCT registration system. If you have lost and forgotten your login credentials please use the automated recovery tool. If this fails, please contact as a last resort You can also use this address to make request changes to data which is not editable in the registration system.


Mandatory data
Optional data