Applications Name Deadline
OPEN 2014 CMU | Portugal Doctoral Program Scholarships 15-01-2015
OPEN Joint Transnational Call ERA-NET FLAG-ERA | Research Projects in areas of the Graphene Flagships and Human Brain Project 27-01-2015
OPEN 2014 Call for SR&TD Project Grants 29-01-2015
OPEN Joint R&D Project Grants with TÜBITAK (Turkey) 2014 30-01-2015
OPEN ERANETMED Call - Energy, Water and Nexus in the Mediterranean Region 02-02-2015
OPEN Joint Transnational Call for funding of European Research Projects in Rare Diseases - E-Rare-2 18-02-2015
OPEN 6th Joint transnational call of ERA-IB-2 is now open to fund innovative research projects in Industrial Biotechnology 23-02-2015
OPEN EDCTP Call "Diagnostic tools for poverty-related diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa" 02-03-2015
OPEN Joint Transnational Call of the ERA-NET COFUND Smart Cities and Communities 17-03-2015
OPEN Pre-announcement - Joint Call Infect-ERA for Human Infectious Diseases Caused by Microorganisms 18-03-2015
OPEN Sabbatical Leave Grants -
CLOSED First OCEANERA.NET Joint Call 2014 for transnational collaborative projects in Ocean Energy (wave, tidal, salinity, OTEC) 18-12-2014
CLOSED Call for Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program - 2014 16-12-2014
CLOSED Joint Transnational Call for funding Research Projects in Marine Biotechnology (ERA-MBT) 10-12-2014
CLOSED ERA-NET ARIMNET2 - euro-mediterranean call for colaborative projects in Agriculture 30-11-2014
CLOSED 1st ERANet-LAC Joint Call Joint Call 2014 for transnational collaborative projects 27-11-2014
CLOSED Digital Inclusion and Literacy Prize 21-11-2014
CLOSED Traineeships at CERN, ESA and ESO 31-10-2014
CLOSED Grants to Prepare for European Institute of Technology Calls 22-10-2014
CLOSED ERA-NET Inno Indigo - Euro-Indian call on 'Water quality for human health' 15-10-2014
CLOSED <em>Pulido Valente Ciência</em> Prize 30-09-2014
CLOSED 2014 Studentship and Fellowship Call 30-09-2014
CLOSED Joint research projects with Italy 30-09-2014
CLOSED Call for Expressions of Interest: Submission of Activities Proposals Contributing to the Goals of the Programme EDCTP-2 in Lusophone African Countries 30-09-2014
CLOSED FAPESP - FCT | Joint projects of technological R&D 22-09-2014
CLOSED L’Oréal Portugal Medals of Honor for Women in Science 2014 16-09-2014
CLOSED M-ERA.NET Joint Call 2014 for transnational collaborative projects on materials 16-09-2014
CLOSED Excellent paper 2013 in Neuroscience Award- ERA-NEURON II 15-09-2014
CLOSED Call for joint FCT/CAPES (brasil) project grants 08-09-2014
CLOSED NIH-FCT Research Fellow Programme 2014 01-09-2014
CLOSED ERA-NET PLUS - NEWA - New European Wind Atlas 04-08-2014
CLOSED Portugal - Morocco joint research projects 31-07-2014
CLOSED Preparatory Phase to Expression of Interest in Post-doctoral Research Fellowships at the NIH 18-07-2014
CLOSED ERASynBio Call 03-07-2014
CLOSED Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects for the UT Austin | Portugal Program 24-06-2014
CLOSED Pessoa Programme: joint projects with France 20-06-2014
CLOSED ERA-MIN Joint Call on Sustainable supply of raw materials in Europe 17-06-2014
CLOSED FCT Investigator 2014 call 16-06-2014
CLOSED Prize for Scientific and Technical Translation into Portuguese Language 16-06-2014
CLOSED Argentina-Portugal cooperation: Call for Joint Project proposals 30-04-2014
CLOSED Performance Indicators for Polytechnic Higher Education 30-04-2014
CLOSED CYTED - Ibero-American Programme for Science, Technology and Development 22-04-2014
CLOSED Innovation in Teaching in Higher Education in Portugal 03-04-2014
CLOSED ERA-NET Infect-ERA 02-04-2014
CLOSED ERASynBio: 3rd call of the Twinning Program 31-03-2014
CLOSED ERA-IB-2 (2014): 5th Joint Transnational Call for research projects in Industrial Biotechnology 31-03-2014
CLOSED FCT PhD Programmes 24-03-2014
CLOSED ERA-NET ERA-CAP: Joint Transnational Call 14-03-2014
CLOSED ERA-NET EuroNanoMedII 04-03-2014
CLOSED JPND: Pilot Studies on Preventive Strategies related to Neurodegenerative Diseases 20-02-2014
CLOSED JPND: Cross-Disease Analysis of Pathways related to Neurodegenerative Diseases 18-02-2014
CLOSED BiodivERsA ERA-NET Call 14-02-2014
CLOSED ERA-NET TRANSCAN; Theme: "Translational research on tertiary prevention in cancer patients" 03-02-2014
CLOSED ERA-Net E-Rare-2: European Research Projects On Rare Diseases 30-01-2014
CLOSED Testbed Proposals under the MIT Portugal Program 30-01-2014
CLOSED 2013 CMU | Portugal Doctoral Program Scholarships 15-01-2014
CLOSED FORESTERRA:Transnational Call for Joint Collaborative Projects and Networking Actions 15-01-2014