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Evaluation of R&D Units 2023-2024

Evaluation of R&D Units 2023-2024

As part of the multiannual program for funding R&D units, on December 28, 2023, FCT published the Notice of the Call of the 2023-2024 evaluation process. The registration of R&D Units took place on the Science and Technology Portal between January 8 and January 17, 2024, followed by the registration of teams between January 18 and March 6, 2024, and the period for submitting applications will run from March 7 to April 11, 2024, until 5 pm (Lisbon time). A document with guidelines for this new Call is available and the Application and Evaluation Guides are also available on the Call website.

R&D Units are periodically evaluated by panels of international evaluators, who assign a rating and funding for the following multi-year period. The evaluation will focus on the scientific and technological activities carried out by the R&D units between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2023 and on the objectives, strategy, activity plan and organization for the period 2025-2029.

The 312 R&D Units funded by the FCT are distributed across various areas of knowledge and throughout the country. The R&D Units may be entities integrated in different universities or polytechnics, constitute partnerships between universities or have an independent status and autonomous operation. Financed R&D Units can be consulted in the Atlas of R&D Units published by FCT.

It should be noted that the FCT's Regulation for the Evaluation and Multiannual Financing of Research and Development Units, Regulation no. 404/2022, of April 27, 2022, was recently amended and republished by Regulation no. 1251-A/2023 of November 21, 2023.