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PRR support - "Science + Digital" and "Science + Training"

Science was included in the update of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), with an investment of 93 million euros, aimed at strengthening and creating initiatives and programs to be implemented by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) until June 2026.

Science + Digital" program

The "Science + Digital" program has 48 million euros to accelerate the process of digital transformation and digitization of science and the services that support the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN), promoting greater competitiveness in the economy, society, public administration and the business fabric.

Within the scope of Measure 5 - Science + Digital, the following services and programs provided by FCT are covered:

  • The creation of a Science and Technology Campus, open to society and oriented towards the future, including a Science Desk (physical and online) where the main services and funding mechanisms for researchers, R&D and Higher Education entities are to be made available in one place.
  • The creation of the National Center for Advanced Computing (CNCA), through the reorganization of the country's existing advanced computing centers and networks into a single entity, supporting the operation of 2 supercomputers (Deucalion and Mare Nostrum 5) and the completion of the CNCA's support infrastructure and data center.
  • The completion of 94 projects funded under the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science R&D Projects Program in Public Administration.
  • The availability of 50 new courses offered through the national platform for massive online courses (NAU), benefiting from a newly developed technological infrastructure.
  • The implementation of the national program for open science and open research data (PNCADAI), making it possible to provide a network of infrastructures, services and tools to support open science and, in particular, the management of FAIR research data.

Science + Training" program

The "Science + Empowerment" program has 45 million euros to promote the development of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of higher education institutions (HEIs) by supporting basic research, promoting the transfer of knowledge, reducing the precariousness of researchers and strengthening the link between companies and society.

Measure 6 - "Science + Capacity Building" includes the following Calls, FCT programs and partnerships:

  • Talent Attraction and Retention Programs "ERC-Portugal" and "FCT-Tenure":
    • ERC-Portugal. a program to support, retain and attract researchers whose ERC applications were recommended for funding or passed the second evaluation phase, but were not funded.
    • FCT-Tenure: a program that aims to promote the development of R&D activities by hiring 230 PhD researchers for permanent positions and contribute to reducing precariousness in national scientific employment.
  • Strengthening International Partnerships in S&T&I
    • Program to strengthen international partnerships in Science, Technology and Innovation, with the signing of 6 international partnerships, including European and bilateral partnerships.
    • Program to support the financing of projects, alliances and infrastructures with national participation selected at European level, namely within the scope of Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Program.
    • International mobility program for researchers, through a new program created by the FCT.

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