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Media and Brand Identity

FCT Logo

The FCT logo must be used to announce activities supported by FCT, namely publications, multimedia material, dissemination of programs and projects.

The FCT logo can be used freely in printed media or web pages according to the conditions indicated in the FCT identity graphic standards manual.

The FCT identity works in its institutional version, in positive or negative, depending on the background where it is applied. You should choose the format of the logo that best ensures its legibility on the background and on the medium on which it will be applied:

  • Positive (black) version for light backgrounds;
  • Negative (white) version for dark backgrounds.

The basic settings of the logo should not be changed, namely:

  • Proportions/dimensions (height and width)
  • The default colors in both versions of the logo (positive and negative).

Downloadable Files

For previous versions of the FCT logo or of its programs and initiatives, see the Logo Archive.

For questions about FCT's graphic identity, contact the Communication Office:

Other Logos

Logos to be included, if applicable, according to the respective regulations:

Regional Operational Programs: North, Center, Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve.