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Evaluation of R&D Units

Evaluation of R&D Units 2023-2024

The Assessment of R&D Units 2023/2024 process has entered the individual assessment phase (phase I) by the assessment panels. As with the previous evaluation process, each evaluation panel will have its own evaluation period, and it is expected that this phase will take place in accordance with the timetable now published on the Call website.

The constitution of the evaluation panels, the respective dates of the remote meetings and visits to the Units will be published on the Call website 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the first planned interaction between each unit and the evaluation panel.

The list of applications accepted for the Evaluation of R&D Units 2023/2024 is published on the Call page on the FCT website. All applications were accepted, corresponding to a total of 336 units, which will be evaluated by 29 panels.

More information will be made available on the Call website and by contacting the FCT directly.