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Support for the operation of scientific societies

The Scientific Community Support Fund Program continues to support the operation of non-profit scientific societies or scientific institutions of the same nature, which promote the dissemination of science and technology and are mainly composed of individuals.

The evaluation and selection of applications by the FCT takes into account the analysis of their eligibility, the objectives of the society or association, the quality and relevance of the activities developed and to be developed, its performance in the dissemination of S&T, as well as the financial information submitted.

The application period runs from March 1 to March 31 each year. The notice and electronic application form will be made available by the opening date of Call.

The support consists in the attribution of funding for a maximum period of one year, referring to the period of the activity plan presented.

In 2024 there are no plans to open Call to support the operation of scientific societies.


Note: The other support provided for in the FACC Program Regulation has not been active since 2020