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Foundation for Science and Technology makes "FCT in Numbers" available online

FCT in Numbers

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) launches on its website, on the occasion of the National Scientists Day, which is celebrated on 16 May, the "FCT in Numbers", in which statistical data of its activity are made available to the scientific and academic community, but also to the public in general. Through "FCT in Numbers", users can access data on the main areas of FCT funding programs over time, namely Studentships of PhD, Scientific Employment, Institutions and R&D Projects and, also, their annual financial execution.

Direct access to the FCT databases is presented in the form of dynamic reports, produced by a computer program that allows the user, autonomously, to select the fields and variables to be obtained or compared.

FCT provides this information on its activity with the purpose of continuing to follow the principles of transparency in its management, thus promoting greater trust and greater involvement and informed participation of the scientific community in the development of science policies.

The initiative of presenting "FCT in Numbers" illustrates another step in the implementation of the open data policy of the FCT and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES), which reinforces the commitment to principles of transparency, integrity and participation of the scientific community.