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L'Oréal Portugal Medals of Honour for Women in Science 2022

L'Oréal Medals of Honor

Supported Awards


Following the Protocol signed between the Foundation for Science and Technology, L'Oréal Portugal and the UNESCO National Commission in November 2003, Call is open to award four L'Oréal Portugal Medals of Honor for Women in Science.


The L'Oréal Portugal Medals of Honor for Women in Science are intended for advanced scientific research studies, at post-doctoral level, in universities or other Portuguese institutions of recognized merit, in the field of Sciences, Engineering and Technology for Health or the Environment.

All female PhD candidates who have obtained their PhD degree less than 5 years before the opening date of Call can apply and who will not be older than 35 by the end of the current year.

For the purposes of Call, the above limits are extended, depending on the number of children of the applicants (1 year for each child), as long as the (scanned) identification documents of the respective children are included in the application.

Proposals that involve activities that cause suffering to animals will not be accepted.


The unit value of the Medals of Honor is 15,000 euros (fifteen thousand euros), awarded in a single installment.

Submission of Applications

Applications containing original scientific research proposals must be submitted between June 6, 2022 and 5pm (Lisbon time) on September 16, 2022 by completing the application form available here and including the following scanned documents:

  • Curriculum vitae with detailed list of scientific publications;
  • Letter of recommendation from the scientific advisor;
  • Citizen's Card or other legal identification document;
  • PhD certificate;
  • If applicable, children's Citizen Card or other legal identification document.


The evaluation will be made by a jury constituted for the effect, formed by scientists of recognized merit in the domain of the areas of Call.


See also the Regulation

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