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Atlantic Interactions recommends AIR Center Constitution

Terceira Island hosted on 20 and 21 of the Atlantic Interactions initiative, an international meeting with a view to establishing an International Atlantic Research Center in the Azores. Researchers, businessmen, ministers, and other government representatives and international institutions were involved in the dialogue to discuss the establishment of a North-South/South-North network for Atlantic research.

The event was attended by multinational institutions such as the UN and ESA, and national ones such as France's National Center for Aerospace Studies (CNES) and Luxembourg's National Research Foundation (FNR), countries such as South Africa, India, China, Brazil, Cape Verde, Spain, Norway and the United Kingdom, universities such as UT Austin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University, and international companies such as Airbus Safran Launchers, OHB and DEIMOS, and national ones such as EDISOFT and GMV, among others. In the various meetings, topics such as space, the ocean, data management, renewable energy sources, climate change and scientific culture were discussed, as well as the impact that research can have to promote people's quality of life and the focus that should be given to fighting gender inequality.

The conclusions of the meeting recommend to the Azores Regional Government and FCT the establishment of a working group for the constitution in 2018 of the Atlantic International Research Center - AIR Center, an international research center that will have as its main mission to connect research institutions around the Atlantic. The center will have Atlantic nations as members, and will promote interdisciplinary research.

See the conclusions of the meeting.