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ConfOA 2017 presented works published online

(English version avalable soon)

The papers presented at the 8th Annual Luso-Brazilian Conference on Open Access (ConfOA 2017) were published in Reciis (Revista Eletrônica de Comunicação, Informação & Inovação em Saúde), published by the Institute for Communication and Scientific and Technological Information in Health of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil).

The meeting took place between October 4 and 6, 2017, at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Campus, Rio de Janeiro. Its theme was "From Open Access to Open Science", around three thematic axes: 1) Open access and open scientific data: legal frameworks, policies and practices; 2) Open science and other expressions of open knowledge; and 3) Science and technology information management systems.

ConfOA brings together the Portuguese and Brazilian communities responsible for discussing Open Access and its interfaces, giving continuity to the Conferences on Free Access to Knowledge organized by the University of Minho since 2005. The 8th ConfOA received 275 participants who carry out research, development, service management and policy definition activities related to open access to knowledge, through repositories and journals, in research and higher education institutions.

In 2018, ConfOA will be held in Lisbon and already has a date set, October 2-4. Paper submission is open until April 22. More information at the ConfOA 2018 website.