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Pessoa Program of Bilateral Cooperation Portugal - France

The Pessoa Program, for financing joint projects within the scope of cooperation between Portugal and France, has an application period open until June 9th for Call for the 2022/2023 biennium.

This Call, funded on the Portuguese side through FCT and by France through the agency Campus France, aims to foster scientific and technological exchange of excellence between research laboratories in the two countries. In the last three editions, this program funded a total of 48 projects: 14 projects for the biennium 2019/2020; 15 for 2020/2021; and 19 for 2021/2022.

Funding is strictly for the mobility of researchers participating in the projects, namely for travel and living expenses of the Portuguese team in France. The non-inclusion of young researchers in the Portuguese team is eliminatory (see definitions in the FAQ's). The presentation of the work plan of the young researchers is mandatory and priority will be given to new projects/new teams and to teams that have not been funded in the last Calls.

More information at Programa Pessoa