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Final results for Call Maria de Sousa 2022

Results Studentships Maria de Sousa 2022

FCT has published the final results of the Call Studentships of the Maria de Sousa 2022 Ph.10 research Studentships have been recommended for funding, a total that confirms the provisional results, released in November. The attribution of these Studentships represents a total expected investment of 773 thousand Euros. See the final list here.

The final results of the evaluation show that 60% of the selected candidates are women, 20% are of foreign nationality, and 30% of the work plans are carried out in conjunction with foreign researchers and institutions.

This Call is geared towards obtaining new knowledge to create skills to respond to virological phenomena, including pandemics, and which translate into efficient prevention measures, better health care, and effective support to citizens.

The contracting process of the Studentships approved under this Call starts from this date, in accordance with the FCT Research Regulation Studentships . As in previous Calls , it is the grant holder who indicates the start date of the funding of Studentship, which must be between November 1, 2022 and October 1, 2023, as stated in Notice of the Call of Call, with retroactive payment of Studentship, when applicable.

Applicants with an unfavorable decision have 15 working days to lodge a complaint against the final decision or, alternatively, 30 working days to appeal through the respective area on the MyFCT portal.