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7th Cairo International Innovation Expo

7th Cairo International Innovation Expo

The 7th Cairo International Innovation Exhibition was held in Egypt from February 13 to 14, an event of which Portugal was the invited country and FCT coordinated the national participation and the dynamization of the pavilion that represented our country.

The President of FCT, Madalena Alves, was part of the Portuguese delegation, headed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato, who participated with a speech in the opening ceremony of the event.

As part of this initiative, the FCT signed a memorandum of understanding with Egypt's Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF). Other memoranda of understanding will also be signed between scientific institutions in Portugal and Egypt, which aim to strengthen academic and scientific mobility between the two countries, as well as boosting scientific research projects in areas such as energy, agriculture, digitalization, among others, and the development of scientific diplomacy initiatives. FCT, the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, the National Innovation Agency and Ciência Viva are among the national entities that will sign some of these protocols.

The Cairo International Innovation Expo brought together scientists, inventors, startups, and funding organizations from around the world to exhibit and share their experiences, innovations, ideas, in addition to the cultural interrelationship between them. It is one of the largest annual innovation fairs organized by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of Egypt (ASRT) since 2014 under the support of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.