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Cooperation between Portugal and Poland

The agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between Portugal and Poland was established in 2005.

The protocol states that the two countries, recognizing the importance of science and technology in developing their national economies and improving the level of socio-economic development, wish to strengthen and develop economic, scientific and technological cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. In this regard, their commitment will be to encourage and support cooperation in science and technology on the basis of mutual municipality in accordance with the provisions of the draft agreement

Cooperation preferably takes the following forms:

  • Conducting joint research, design and development projects, including exchange of scientists, researchers and experts;
  • Organization of and participation in meetings, conferences, symposia, courses, seminars and other similar events;
  • Exchange of information and documentation on science and technology
  • Others that are mutually agreed upon.


You can see the results of the previous Calls under this agreement here