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1st Conference of the Permanent Forum on Digital Skills


On December 6th, between 10am and 6:30pm, the Convent of São Francisco, in Coimbra, will host the first Conference of the Permanent Forum of Digital Competencies.

During the whole day, the main projects of the five Axes of the Portugal INCoDe.2030 Initiative will be presented: Inclusion, Education, Qualification, Specialization, and Research.

The conference aims to energize and articulate the various social actors and encourage a broad mobilization for the Portugal INCoDe.2030 Initiative. In this context, a debate will be promoted on the evolution of the five axes of the Initiative, as well as on national and international cases of good practices.

Sharing ongoing experiences and new ideas to promote digital skills is also one of the goals of this conference, with the aim of contributing to an active citizenship in the five strategic axes of INCoDe.2030.

More information and registration at Portugal INCoDe.2030