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25 years of FCT in Science: Open Science, Repositories and Online Library

Laptop with books invoking the idea of a digital library

Continuing the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of FCT, the next session of the cycle of scientific conferences that has traveled the country will be dedicated to the theme "Open Science, Repositories and Online Library" and will be held on July 26, at the Pedagogical Complex II (CPII), Auditorium B1, Gualtar campus, University of Minho, Braga. The event is face-to-face and participation is free, but requires prior registration. The event will also be broadcasted online and the program is already available.

This session will address the main themes related to Open Science in Portugal and in Europe, highlighting initiatives such as EOSC, Plan S or Policies and Infrastructures for Open Science. FCT's initiatives and activities related to Open Science will also be in focus, with a panel discussion on the role of scientific evaluation in Open Science.

The aim of this initiative is to foster the involvement of researchers, science managers, students, and the general public.

The complete program of the session can be found on the FCT 25th Anniversary Celebrations page, where the recordings of the previous sessions are also available, dedicated to the themes "25 years of FCT in Science: Opportunities and Challenges", "Advanced Training and Doctorates", "Scientific Employment and Scientific Careers", "Scientific Institutions", "Women in Science" and "25 Years of FCT: R&D Programs and Projects" .