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Thematic Agendas: final versions now available


FCT has published the first two final editions, in digital format, of the Thematic Agendas for Research and Innovation (R&I), specifically the agendas for the themes "Circular Economy" and "Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality".

The Thematic Agendas initiative aims to encourage broad debate about the new challenges and stakes in different thematic areas, whose development is shaped over the next decade.

The FCT has been responsible for creating the conditions for the definition of the Agendas' contents. It has promoted the participation of the scientific, technological and innovation community, as well as Public Administration entities and civil society organizations, in an open process that includes contributions from all who wish to participate, individually or institutionally.

In addition to identifying challenges for R&I, in a medium and long-term perspective, the main objective is to identify research issues and opportunities for innovation in each thematic area. It is also intended that the Thematic Agendas can be inspiring documents for new scientific developments in the medium and long term.

Seven more Agendas are already available in the finalization or editing phase, and the final versions will be released soon.