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Presentation and Discussion of Submitted Proposals for the CoLAB title

FCT will organize the 5th session for the presentation and discussion of proposals admitted to Call for the award of the title of CoLAB. This session will include the presentation of 19 proposals, on January 18 and 19, from 8:45 am, with online streaming (January 18: link; January 19: link)

Each proposer will have 20 minutes to present their proposal. After each presentation, 15 minutes of questions and answers will follow with the evaluation panel.

The agenda for the presentation of proposals submitted for the CoLAB title in this session is available here. Registration is now open.

The Call for awarding the title of CoLAB is permanently open. Collaborative Laboratories may be set up as private non-profit associations or companies, whose main objective is to create, directly and indirectly, skilled employment and scientific employment in Portugal through the implementation of research and innovation agendas aimed at creating economic and social value. CoLABs must respond to the challenge of densification of the national territory in terms of knowledge-based activities, through an increasing consolidation of forms of collaboration between science, technology and higher education institutions and the economic and social fabric, namely companies, the hospital and health system, cultural institutions and social organizations.