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Evaluation of R&D units 2022/2023


FCT is awaiting guidelines from the Ministry of Science and Technology for the publication of the Notice of the Call of applications for evaluation under the multi-annual funding program for R&D units 2022/2023. The page Call is already available on the site, with the regulations for evaluation and pluri-annual funding of R&D units, and will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

The R&D Units are evaluated periodically, every 4 years, by panels of international evaluators, who award a classification and funding for the following multi-year period.

Currently, there are 312 R&D Units with approved funding for the period 2020-2023, resulting from the last R&D Units assessment 2017/2018.

These R&D Units funded by the FCT are distributed throughout several areas of knowledge and throughout the national territory. They may be entities integrated into different universities or polytechnics, or constitute partnerships between universities, or have an independent status and autonomous operation. A total of about 19,000 Ph.D. researchers carry out research activities in these units. You can consult the R&D units funded in the Atlas of R&D Units published by FCT.