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Call to Call for the AAL (Active and Assisted Living) Program

Under the theme " Sustainable Smart Solutions for Aging well", the AAL (Active and Assisted Living) Association promotes, until May 24, applications for the 2019 edition of the transnational Call of the AAL Program.

The AAL Program aims to support the development of technological solutions that aim to improve the quality of life and autonomy of the elderly, through projects of an innovative, international and multidisciplinary nature. As in 2018, Call enables participation with collaborative projects that develop ICT-based solutions and target any application area around the theme of healthy and active aging. These projects may be of different typology (goal, size and duration).

All projects must be developed through consortia consisting of at least three organizations from three AAL Program member countries (including end-user organizations and one business partner).

More information at Call-AAL Program 2019