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From now on, it is easier to build a CV. The CIÊNCIAVITAE- the new Portuguese Scientific Curriculum - and the CIÊNCIA ID - the National Science Identifier - were presented today at the Thalia Theatre, in a session with more than 200 researchers and managers of Science and Technology and representatives of institutions such as A3ES, ANI, CRUP, CCISP, DGEEC , DGES, PIC and COMPETE2020. The presentation was in charge of the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Maria Fernanda Rollo, and the President of FCT, Paulo Ferrão.

CIÊNCIAVITAEis a single, personalized, simple, harmonized and structured curriculum, hosted at It allows the gathering in a single platform all the information regarding the user, whether student, researcher or institution, and that is currently scattered in multiple platforms, such as FCT-SIG CV, DeGóis, RENATES, REBIDES, ORCID and RCAAP.

CIÊNCIAVITAEand CIÊNCIA ID are part of the "MoreScience, Less Bureaucracy" program, a program of rationalization, debureaucratization and administrative simplification developed by the area of science, technology and higher education in line with the European Open Science Strategy.

The creation of this curriculum requires a unique identifier for each researcher: the CIÊNCIA ID, an access key, a form of authentication, which allows the aggregation and reuse of information. Thus the CIÊNCIA VITAE and the CIÊNCIA ID can be adopted by all official entities associated with the system of science, technology and higher education, respecting the specificities of the scientific areas.

At FCT, the new curriculum will have a phased implementation: at first, its use will be optional, gradually replacing the FCT SIG and becoming mandatory for all FCT Calls as of summer 2019. Today's session also marked the commitment in the use of Ciência Vitae throughout the ecosystem, through the signing of collaboration protocols between FCT and A3ES, ANI, DGEEC and DGES and COMPETE2020. 

In order to facilitate the adoption of these new services, in the coming months, FCT will promote and support training sessions, both face-to-face and online, for the entire community, including researchers and S&T managers.

CIÊNCIAVITAEis developed by FCT based on the DeGóis platform, in articulation with the technical and normative framework PTCRIS, and can be used by all national institutions in science and higher education that choose to join.