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CoLAB: Next panel meeting takes place on April 20


The next meeting of the Call assessment panel for the Collaborative Laboratory Title and Designation (CoLAB) will take place on April 20. Due to the limitation on the number of public presentations that can be made at each meeting, the panel will evaluate the first 10 applications submitted by March 23. FCT will inform on its website when this number is reached.

The remaining applications submitted by March 23 will be evaluated at the following panel meeting, which is expected to take place during the first semester of 2018. FCT stresses that all submitted applications will be evaluated. The only limitation is associated with the number of proposals that can be presented and discussed in a one-day public session, such as the one planned for April 20. All proposals that cannot be publicly presented on this date will be presented at a second session.

In January FCT announced the result of the evaluation of the first applications submitted to Call, in which the decision to award the title of CoLAB to six of the seven applications submitted by November 15, 2017 was approved.

Check the Call CoLAB page here.