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Call from Studentships of Sabbatical Leave


Applications to Call of Studentships for Sabbatical Leave, awarded by FCT, ends next October 31.

In the framework of the restructuring of employment and training opportunities in scientific research that has been implemented over the last few years, an amendment to the Research Grant Holder Statute (EBI) was recently published, which determines the concentration of the various types of Studentships with the purpose of research, as well as the reduction of the situations in which it is admissible to hire doctorate holders as grant holders.

Through this change, which implies structural changes in the FCT, I. P. Research Studentships Regulations, which are currently under public consultation for collecting suggestions, FCT will no longer have the Call of Studentships of Sabbatical Leave open permanently. 

FCT is thus reformulating the support model for advanced training taking into account the contribution that the Studentships sabbatical leave has given over the years to reinforce the qualification and increasing training of doctorate holders attached to higher education and R&D institutions.