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Call of R&D Projects


The scientific evaluation process of the projects submitted to Call for R&D projects in all areas (Notice No. 02/SAICT/2017) is over. The nearly 4600 applications were evaluated by more than 400 evaluators of recognized international merit, distributed by 33 evaluation panels, and are now being allocated to the different funding sources, according to their framework in Portugal2020. The communication of results by the Operational Programs of Portugal2020 and by FCT is being articulated in a context of significant reinforcement of the Call budget, which makes the process particularly demanding. As such, the communication that began on February 9 will be done in phases, according to how the projects fit into each of the funding sources. 

As stipulated in Notice of the Call of Call, the best projects of each panel will be co-financed by EU funds, when eligible for such funding, or financed solely by national funds, in cases where there is no framework in Portugal 2020. If the allocation of a regional operational program is insufficient to fund projects considered of high merit, these may be financed by: i) COMPETE2020 funds, if after analysis they are framed in the National Strategy of Research and Innovation for a Smart Specialization (ENEI), or ii) national funds, if there is no such framework or they are not fundable by COMPETE2020. In this context, the communication of the non-financing of a project through the Operational Programmes does not necessarily mean that it will not be financed, if the merit of the project so determines. The process of reporting results will only be closed after the final communication by FCT. 

The Call of projects in all scientific domains is a joint initiative of FCT and the six operational programs of Portugal 2020: COMPETE 2020, North 2020, Center 2020, Lisbon 2020, Alentejo 2020 and CRESC Algarve 2020. Considering the high number of applications received and the scientific quality of the projects, FCT and the Operational Programs are making every effort to substantially increase the expected financial envelope of 110M€, in order to fund as many projects as possible. At the end of the process, FCT will provide information on the overall balance of supported projects.