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Call for 25 Studentships Fulbright for Research with FCT support

Call Applications to Studentships Fulbright for Research supported by FCT are now open until January 31. These Studentships are intended for doctoral fellows directly funded by FCT who have planned, as part of their training plan, to carry out a period of research at a US university or research center. The Call provides for the allocation of up to 25 Studentships with a duration of 4 to 9 months.

The Call is carried out under a partnership between FCT and the Fulbright Commission - Commission for Educational Exchange between the USA and Portugal in force since 2014, which in 2016 was renewed by a new protocol that intended to continue the collaboration between the two institutions and strengthen the joint plan for awarding Studentships. This protocol also provides for the allocation of Studentships for PhD Professors and Researchers under the Fulbright Program, whose Call will open in the last quarter of 2019.