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Closing dates of Calls for Studentships PhD and R&D Projects

FCT informs that, after careful consideration, it has decided to keep the closing dates of Call for Studentships doctoral projects, on April 28, 2020, and of Call for R&D projects in all scientific areas, on April 30, 2020.

It is recalled that previously, taking into consideration the circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, FCT took the initiative of extending, by one month, the end of the application period for both Calls, thus allowing the scientific and academic community to adapt to the new conditions of working at a distance.

It is now important to return to normal conditions in the fulfillment of scientific policy and ensure that the science funding system maintains the temporal regularity and predictability that the scientific community itself has been demanding, so as not to jeopardize the conclusion of the evaluation processes this year, with the respective contracting of projects and the start of doctoral programs.

FCT highlights the dynamics demonstrated in this adverse period by the Portuguese scientific community, and its active and committed participation in the new challenges of research, technological development, innovation and social intervention. The response to the initiatives launched by FCT in the meantime has been excellent, starting with the first period of applications to "Research 4 Covid-19", whose results are already known, as well as in the Calls, still open, of R&D projects "AI 4 Covid-19" and the "Doctorates 4 Covid-19".

In the next few days the 2nd period for applications to "Research 4 Covid-19" will open. Other initiatives and Calls promoted in the scope of PT2020 are also underway, thus broadening the scope and diversifying the type of projects and support for research and innovation.