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The Call of Studentships for PhD 2019 is open

It is now open Call for the 2019 Doctoral Award of Studentships . Applications run from February 28 until 5pm on March 28, 2019. 950 Studentships will be awarded , a number equal to last year and higher than awarded in previous years. 

This year, some new features and simplifications have been introduced in the submission of applications.

It is now possible to use the new curricular platform CIÊNCIAVITAE - a single, personalized, simple, harmonized and structured curriculum, which will soon replace platforms such as FCT|SIG CV and DeGóis. In addition, some documents will now be requested for contract signature and not at the beginning of the application process, as was previously required. This is the case with bachelor's and master's degrees, which only have to be presented at the application stage if the applicants want to benefit from the points awarded according to their bachelor's and/or master's grades. A declaration by the institution that it accepts candidates who do not hold a master's degree as a doctoral student is also no longer necessary. When signing the contract, the candidate must hand in the document proving that he/she is enrolled in the doctoral program.

The Studentships doctoral grants are subsidies awarded competitively to support advanced training in all areas of knowledge to obtain the academic degree of Doctor. They allow young researchers to dedicate themselves exclusively to their research, contributing to the scientific and technological development of the country. The FCT currently supports more than 5 thousand Studentships doctoral students.

The research work to be carried out by applicants under this Call may be developed in any knowledge-intensive environment, namely in collaboration with companies and other public and private institutions, including the Public Administration. Host institutions may be R&D Units, State Laboratories, Associate Laboratories, Collaborative Laboratories or Interface Centers.