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European Marine Board published document on marine geohazards in Europe

The European Marine Board, of which FCT is a member, has just released a new policy paper dedicated to the topic Uncovering the hidden threat of Marine Geohazards in Europewhich summarizes the main messages and policy recommendations of the Position Paper No. 26 on Marine Geohazards: Safeguarding Society and the Blue Economy from a Hidden Threatpublished in December 2021.

The main conclusion drawn from this document is that society increasingly depends on critical coastal and marine infrastructure such as ports, telecommunications, and renewable energy facilities. With the increase in human activities carried out in the marine environment and the increase in human population in coastal areas, the exposure and vulnerability to the impacts of marine geo-hazards increases.

Teresa Ferreira, from the University of the Azores, and Juana Fortes, from LNEC - National Civil Engineering Laboratory, as national experts nominated by FCT, were members of the European Marine Geohazards Working Group between 2020 and 2021. European Marine Board Working Group on Marine GeohazardsThis publication raises awareness of the latent geological risks on European coasts and makes recommendations for future research and policy in this area.

The European Marine Board's mission is to develop common positions among European organizations implementing and funding marine science research on the scientific strategies and priorities for this area, thereby facilitating and promoting collaboration between the marine science sector and other socio-economic actors.