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FCT opens Call in the context of the V Centenary of the Voyage of Circum-Navigation

In 2019, the Commemorations of the V Centenary of the Circumnavigation Commanded by the Portuguese Navigator Ferdinand Magellan will begin. The commemorations, which will run until 2022, have as their mission "to celebrate the first circumnavigation in a participatory and open manner assuming the bet on knowledge as a central strategic design, at the service of the social and economic development of the country and its affirmation in the world."

The plan for the celebrations includes a research and innovation program in areas associated with circumnavigation. FCT is therefore joining in the celebrations with Call Projects of Scientific Research and Technological Development in the Context of the Commemorations of the V Centenary of the Voyage of Circum-Navigation - 2019.

The Call aims to stimulate the projection of circumnavigation into the future, developing new knowledge in several thematic areas in a perspective of scientific multidisciplinarity and contributing to the R&D agenda in "Atlantic Interactions"( Its areas are

1) Earth observation and knowledge: knowing and monitoring the oceans, land masses, atmosphere and near space; developing and applying innovative technologies, including the development and use of space technologies, for systematic measurements; data processing and analysis, data science, and modeling and forecasting systems, integrating climate change, energy, ocean and earth science, with emphasis on systems involving Atlantic interactions.

2) Climate and climate change: integrated study of the interactions between atmosphere, ocean, land and space, and their effects on climate, meteorology and its dynamics; data acquisition, analysis, processing and dissemination of data and development of integrated models, particularly for the Atlantic regions.

3) Sustainable cities, mobility and socio-cultural interactions: research on the science, planning and engineering of cities and inter-city networks, integrating energy use, transport and mobility systems, connectivity networks and quality of life; multiculturalism and demographic, population and socio-cultural dynamics.

4) Biodiversity and biological resources: research on biological resource dynamics in relation to climate and pollution; ecosystems and biodiversity; systems for data acquisition, monitoring and modeling; application of forms of data science for sustainability of productive systems, including fisheries, agriculture and bio-industries; intelligent systems for natural resource use and valorization. 

Projects must have a multidisciplinary perspective and an international context, facilitating partnerships with experts and institutions of recognized international merit in order to further the Atlantic Interactions R&D agenda( They will have a maximum duration of 36 months, extendable for up to 12 months in duly justified cases. 

The maximum funding limit per project is 300 thousand euros. The budget allocation of Call is 2 million euros, and FCT may increase it if justified.

See the Notice of the Call