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FCT approved the constitution of nine more CoLABs

FCT has announced the result of the 4th assessment exercise of Call for the recognition and award of the title of Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB), in which nine more collaborative laboratories have been approved (see list). At this point, a total of 35 CoLABs are approved, see the Summary Document of the 35 approved CoLABs after 4 rounds of evaluation.

The new CoLABs are Healthy Ageing@LAB, HyLAB, AquaValor, Data CoLAB, S2AQUAcoLAB, 4LifeLab, BioScale, TRIALS and KIPT, which strengthen the list of 26 existing CoLABs by developing agendas focused on innovative products and services in the area of aging, green hydrogen, water valorization and technology transfer, Data-driven Innovation services, sustainable and smart aquaculture, knowledge and technology for better health, promoting translation and drug discovery, transfer of Research for an advanced leadership society, and knowledge for innovating professions in tourism.

The new CoLABs have 90 days after the decision to award the title, to set up as private non-profit associations or companies, promoting collaboration between science, technology and higher education institutions and the economic and social fabric, namely companies, the hospital and health system, cultural institutions and social organizations. CoLAB aim to create, directly and indirectly, high value-added jobs in Portugal, through the implementation of research and innovation agendas oriented towards the creation of economic and social value.

O Call application for the title of CoLAB is continuously open. The next evaluation round will consider applications submitted by November 12, 2021.