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FCT approved the constitution of six more CoLAB


FCT has announced the approval of six more Collaborative Laboratories (CoLAB) as a result of the 5th assessment exercise of Call for the recognition and award of the title of CoLAB. These new approved CoLABs join the list of 35 existing CoLABs. See the Summary Document of the 35 approved CoLABs after 4 evaluation rounds.

The new CoLABs present a strategic development plan in different areas, which include the modernization of the railway system (RAIL CoLAB), competence in polymers (ARCP), innovation in logistics (LogIN), integrated solutions for aging and rejuvenation (ABC coLAB), the creation of economic and social value in the water sector (WATER-CoRe), and innovation to create value in Portuguese gastronomy (InnovGastronomy).

The CoLABs now approved have 90 days, after the decision to award the title, to set up as private non-profit associations or as companies. CoLABs aim to promote collaboration between science, technology and higher education institutions and the economic and social fabric, namely companies, the hospital and health system, cultural institutions and social organizations, as well as the direct and indirect creation of high value-added jobs in Portugal, through the implementation of research and innovation agendas aimed at creating economic and social value.

The Call for the CoLAB title is continuously open and the next evaluation round will consider applications submitted until November 11, 2022.