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FCT releases the results of the 2nd Edition of the Institutional CEEC


FCT announced today the provisional results of the 2nd Edition of Call de Estímulo ao Emprego Científico Institucional (CEEC Institucional). 60 of the 87 applications submitted were approved for funding, and 305 contract positions for doctoral candidates were awarded for a 6-year period, corresponding to a total financial investment of 97.7 million euros. 

The applications were evaluated by an international evaluation panel that assigned a merit rating and distributed the available places to each application based on the merit rating and the institutional characterization represented by the total number of PhD holders and the number of Calls to be opened by the institutions in the next five years for career positions. 

The distribution of positions to be funded by type and level of contract was as follows: 183 fixed-term researcher contracts; 92 scientific research career contracts and 30 university and polytechnic teaching career contracts. 

After this disclosure of provisional results begins the period of prior hearing. 

The Institutional CEEC is one of the funding instruments for hiring researchers defined by the Scientific Employment Regulation launched in 2017 by FCT, following the publication of Decree-Law no. 57/2016. In the 1st edition of the Institutional CEEC, 412 contract positions were awarded.

The Call CEEC Institutional has a biannual periodicity and integrates the set of the great FCT structuring Calls , whose schedule is established until 2022 and published here

As part of the policy to stimulate the hiring of doctorate holders and to strengthen the contribution of R&D to public policies on science, FCT is preparing a Call to stimulate additional specific scientific employment, exclusively directed to Associate Laboratories, to be launched during 2021.