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FCT is set to implement Plan S

(Only Available in English)

Plan S, promoted by Science Europe aims to ensure that all publications resulting from publicly funded research are published in open access journals or platforms, or made available through open access repositories without embargo.

Adherence to Plan S will make the results of scientific activity accessible to the entire scientific community, allowing the investment made by FCT to contribute to the acceleration of knowledge.

This accession is particularly significant in the context of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, since the main priorities in the area of research and development will be:

1) relationship between science, employment and resilience;
2) open and collaborative research;
3) valuing research careers.

This last point includes a revision of the Code of Conduct geared to accommodate European practices for research career development, with clear recommendations for Open Science principles.

In the context of FCT activity, the open access foreseen by the S-Plan can be fulfilled by three means:

-Publication in open access journals or platforms
-Available immediately in open access repositories
-Open access publication under transformative agreements

With this accession, FCT reinforces the path, started in 2014, with the launch of its Policy on Open Access policy to support the transition to Open Science. Throughout 2021, FCT will work to ensure the implementation of Plan S from January 1, 2022.

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