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Impacts of COVID-19 containment measures on FCT supported projects

Considering the state of emergency in which Portugal finds itself and in order to reduce and mitigate some of the consequences arising from the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak and COVID-19, the FCT Board of Directors has determined that the impacts resulting from the pandemic situation and the exceptional measures taken in the country that lead to insufficient achievement of actions or goals within the scope of all projects supported by the FCT (through the State Budget or co-financed through FEDER), may be considered reasons of force majeure not attributable to the beneficiaries, and adjustments may be made to the scheduling of projects under the following terms:

  • It is possible for the duration of the project to exceed the time limits approved or provided for in the notice or specific regulations due to the suspension of activities related to COVID-19, upon presentation of a request for a duly justified rescheduling of time, which will be subject to case-by-case analysis in light of the specific situation of each project.