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Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus 2018


Applications for the second edition of the Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus will run until 20 February 2019. This call envisages the hiring of 300 researchers, in four contract levels - junior researcher, assistant researcher, principal researcher and coordinating researcher.

PhD holders in all scientific fields can apply to carry out their scientific research or technological development activity in Portugal, integrated in R&D units funded by FCT. In their submission, researchers are required to indicate their host institution. The host institution must confirm the application by 6 March 2019 - only upon confirmation will applications be considered complete.

The evaluation is carried out by an international panel of recognised merit. The candidate's scientific path, with emphasis on the last 5 years, makes up 70% of the evaluation, and the proposed research plan corresponds to the remaining 30%. The research plan should be framed within the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The selected researchers are hired by the host institution, through FCT funding.

The Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus 2018 is one of the funding mechanisms provided for in the Scientific Employment Regulation, launched by FCT in 2017 with the aim of supporting the systematic strengthening of scientific employment in the SCTN, increasing the employment opportunities for PhD holders and turning scientific employment into a reality after doctoral studies. Through a diversified framework of support to scientific employment, the precariousness of jobs in research, the rejuvenation of institutions and the attractiveness of the national territory for science and technology will be ensured.

This is the second call of the CEEC Individual. In its first edition, in 2017, 500 research positions have been recommended for funding. The analysis of the preliminary hearing of the call is underway, and the evaluation of more than two thirds of the claims presented has been completed. The final results of the CEEC Individual 2017 will be published before the end of the application period of the CEEC Individual 2018.

FCT also supports other mechanisms of Scientific Employment, such as the 2018 Stimulus of Scientific Employment Institutional Call, under which institutions are currently opening 400 calls for tenders for contracts funded by FCT; the transitional rule of Decree-Law no. 57/2016, amended by Law no. 57/2017, under which around 2,000 work contracts will be funded; the latest edition of the call for projects in all scientific fields, under which 1,600 PhD researchers will be funded; and the 2017/2018 Evaluation process of R&D Units, which will include 400 work contracts for researchers.