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Portuguese biomedical research and innovation receives diplomas in Barcelona

Barcelona receives today the Portuguese researchers who lead the eight research projects selected under the "Iberian Initiative for Biomedical Research and Innovation, i4b" of the "la Caixa" Foundation and the FCT. The topics of the projects range from obesity to heart failure.

The eight selected projects, with a total investment of five million euros, are funded under the protocol established between "la Caixa" Foundation and FCT last February. The protocol establishes that the FCT will support research projects led by Portuguese teams selected under Call Fundação "la Caixa", in order to match the investment that Fundação "la Caixa" allocates to Portuguese projects.  

In addition to the eight i4b projects, Portuguese researchers are participating in 2 other projects selected at Call Fundação "la Caixa". In all, 24 projects will be supported in the areas of oncology, neurosciences, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and transversal biomedical themes. The Call had 785 applications, 167 of which were from Portugal.

The presentation and diploma award session, taking place today in Barcelona, will be attended by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, and the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain, Pedro Duque. 

Learn more about the Portuguese projects.