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Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education present at FCT 25th Anniversary Session

The 3rd session of the FCT 25th anniversary commemorations program, which took place yesterday, March 31, at the University of Coimbra under the theme "Scientific Employment and Scientific Careers", was attended by the new Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato. In what was her first official act after taking office as Minister on March 30, Elvira Fortunato made the closing speech of the session, in which she congratulated the FCT and praised its role and contribution to science in Portugal during these 25 years, in which it has been "financing and looking after the interests of scientific research carried out in Portugal. He also mentioned that the intention is to continue to "put even more at the center of the world the research that is done in Portugal, more and more we have to research more and better".

The event opened with the interventions of the Dean of the University of Coimbra, Amílcar Falcão, and the President of FCT, Helena Pereira, who introduced the session and welcomed the participants. Next, the President of FCT set the tone for the session with a communication entitled "Scientific employment: characterization and evolution in the last 25 years. In her speech she underlined the relevance of FCT's work during these 25 years as "it has been a pillar of our scientific system, especially in the construction and strengthening of the national scientific system". He also mentioned, on the fact of marking the commemorative dates, that "it is good to always take stock in a perspective of the future and launch debates to exchange ideas with our community", which led to the outlining of the current commemoration program, which will be present in various parts of the country with monthly sessions with the scientific and research community.

Associate Laboratories The President of FCT also presented in this session the Atlas ofAssociate Laboratories 2022, a publication that gathers information on the 40 institutions or consortia of institutions for the attribution of the Statute of Associate Laboratory (LA). It presents data on the area of activity of the LA, the work developed, number of doctoral researchers, among others, and is available online at the FCT publications page. Helena Pereira concluded her talk by addressing some data on the evolution of scientific employment and scientific careers, the various types of support that FCT has provided over these 25 years, such as the Studentships doctoral programs or the Stimulus for Scientific Employment program which is implemented through Calls Stimulus for Scientific Employment - Individual (CEEC Individual) and Stimulus for Scientific Employment - Institutional (CEEC Institutional).

round table

The event continued with three papers dedicated to the session's theme, presented by Apostolia Karamali, from the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (EU), Mónica Bettencourt Dias, from the Gulbenkian Science Institute (IGC), and Cláudia Sarrico, from the Centre for Research into Higher Education Policies (CIPES). The second part of the session opened with a round table discussion, under the title "Scientific Careers", moderated by Tiago Santos Pereira, Senior Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, which included in the panel discussion the participation of researchers and representatives of the business sector.

The video of this session is still available for viewing on the FCT page on YouTube. The celebrations of the 25th anniversary of FCT will continue with more sessions around the country. The next one will take place in April, in Porto, at a date and place to be announced, and will be around the theme "Scientific Institutions".

More information on the FCT 25th Anniversary Celebration Program page.