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Scientific Employment Observatory


Data from the Observatory was updated on April 22, 2019.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education has made available the Scientific Employment Observatory, a pilot project to monitor the application of the new scientific employment legislation.

The ongoing monitoring of processes associated with the hiring of doctorate holders identifies the number of researchers and professors hired and the number of mechanisms in execution, totaling more than 5000 contracts (see detailed information in "General Counter"). These mechanisms include, among others, the various instruments managed by FCT to stimulate the hiring of doctorate holders, either through fixed-term contracts or for entry into a career, such as the Call to stimulate institutional scientific employment 2018, whose results have already been announced, the Call stimulating individual scientific employment, currently being concluded, the R&D projects in all scientific fields 2017, currently being contracted, the evaluation of R&D units, currently underway, and the implementation of the transitory rule of Decree-Law 57/2016, through program contracts proposed to institutions.

The Scientific Employment Observatory is a pilot project for monitoring scientific employment, which follows the opening of Calls for the recruitment of researchers and teachers with doctorates in public and private institutions, under the various lines of stimulus for scientific employment (i.e., individual support, institutional support, support for R&D units, support for R&D projects and transitional rules), as well as the Calls regular recruitment for teaching or research careers. It also includes the observation of the regularization of the hiring of employees in general careers, with special focus on the regularization of science and technology management grant holders.

News originally published July 12, 2018.
(Continuously updated)