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Portuguese Science and Technology Heritage will have a new Portal

(available only in English)

The Portuguese natural, scientific and technological heritage will soon be brought together in the Knowledge Heritage Portal. The creation of the portal is an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, which aims to identify the heritage associated with science, technology, and higher education institutions.

The first phase of the Portal's construction runs until January 30th, and consists of gathering information. The institutions can make their heritage known by filling out the form availableon the platform . This heritage will then be made available and disseminated so that it can be used by experts, tourists, families, and the general public.

Portugal has a cultural heritage in the fields of science and technology that is still little known but is largely available to the public, available in collections, libraries, archives, museums, botanical gardens, parks and protected areas, buildings and science centers. This initiative aims to identify, enhance and disseminate this legacy, largely unique in Europe and the world.

Institutions that need clarification or support in filling out the form can write to