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Innovation Roadmap - More and Better Jobs

Strengthening an innovation strategy for Portugal requires paying special attention to people, knowledge and its transfer, contributing to competitiveness based on knowledge and innovation, central to value creation and accelerating the development of new products and services.
The Innovation Roadmap aims to strengthen confidence in public and private agents and publicize relevant cases of innovation and with demonstration potential.
Focusing on some examples of collaborative research, open and oriented to respond to major national and global challenges, such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence or health care, the Roadmap also includes a set of illustrative cases of Research and Innovation in sectors of activity and regions where the focus on knowledge and innovation has supported the development of innovation networks and new activities, new equipment, methods and technologies in different sectors - agriculture and food (fruit, vegetables, vines, among others), forestry, the sea, textiles, or in public administration and society in general.
The mobilization of different agents in Research and Innovation dynamics will be crucial for the emergence of collaborative agendas, the reinforcement of investment in R&D, and more qualified employment in a new phase of development for Portugal.
Go Portugal
The program for the launch session of the Innovation Roadmap will include a moment for the signing of protocols for international partnerships, in which existing collaborations will be renewed and new ones established. A decade after the creation of international partnerships between Portugal and Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, the University of Texas at Austin, and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, it is clear today that the investment in the qualification of human resources at the best international level has resulted in the development of new research and economic growth platforms, along with advanced, multidisciplinary training programs that, incorporating innovation and entrepreneurship components, have made these partnerships a model for international collaboration.
For the period 2018-2030 the GoPortugal - Global Science and Technology Partnerships Portugal initiative aims to stimulate scientific and business development, promote Portugal's affirmation in the world through scientific and economic valorization of an innovative agenda on "Atlantic Interactions", attracting funding and mobilizing various actors, national and international, with an innovative approach in various areas of knowledge. This new phase will provide the creation of qualified jobs, attracting to Portugal human resources of recognized international merit.
Sessions and public and private agents of the Roadmap
The Roadmap is structured around several sessions, starting on February 15, 2018, and including visits, events, and meetings with various types of key public and private actors, and these should be associated with the overall design of the set of sessions:
1. companies with relevant R&D activity;
2. New technology-based companies, namely in incubation centers;
3. Interface Centers and new Collaborative Laboratories (CoLABs);
4. R&D Centers, namely in Universities and Polytechnics;
5. Institutions of public administration;
6. Centers for the diffusion of scientific culture, namely Ciência Viva Centers.
February 15th
February 16th
The Future of the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for Europe (RISE - European Commission)
February 16th