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Tour of Knowledge travels along Portugal Bike Tour

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Knowledge Tour Poster

The 79th Volta a Portugal Bicycle Tour will cross the country from August 4 to 15. During this tour, it will once again be accompanied by the Knowledge Tour, taking with it the knowledge produced by higher education institutions and the scientific community.

Having involved, in 2016, 19 higher education institutions, more than 400 contents available on digital platforms and a group of scientists in the dissemination and promotion of science and knowledge, the Tour of Knowledge aims to:
- promoting knowledge of the Portuguese territory, its cultural, natural, scientific and technological heritage;
- stimulating closer ties between higher education institutions and the territories where they are located;
- emphasizing the importance of training and knowledge, essential for the responsible use of natural resources and the preservation and enjoyment of nature, reinforcing the awareness and involvement of citizens
- enhancing the affirmation of regions as contexts of knowledge, bringing communities together and creating environments conducive to social, scientific, economic and cultural innovation.

At science-based content is available around the 10 Stages with Knowledge, taking into account the specificities of the territory and its scientific and technological context, through which we understand why we are talking about science, why it is done in certain territories, and for whom it is done.

Every day, the Tour of Knowledge is part of RTP's program Há Volta (There's a Tour), during which researchers are invited to divulge the work done inside higher education institutions to better know and understand the territory, the landscapes, the people, their culture, and their traditions.

The Tour of Knowledge is a MCTES initiative developed in partnership with the Tour of Portugal and RTP, and with the collaboration of Higher Education institutions, the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP), the Coordinating Council of Polytechnic Higher Education Institutes (CCISP), and the National Innovation Agency (ANI).

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