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Provisional Results of the 6th Call Stimulus for Scientific Employment - Individual

FCT published today, November 28th, the provisional results of theCall 6th Edition (CEEC Individual), in which 400 new employment contracts are awarded to researchers with PhDs in all scientific areas and which represents a financial investment of around 126 million euros. In the 6 editions held, CEEC Individual has already awarded a total of 2300 contracts to researchers with a PhD.

In this 6th edition of CEEC Individual, 2746 applications were evaluated. The 400 selected researchers are divided into three contractual categories: 193 Junior contracts, 158 Assistant contracts and 49 Principal contracts. Of the 400 applications selected, 13 refer to applications approved via Decree-Law No. 29/2001, of 3 February, and the remaining 387 contracts were distributed proportionally by category and by evaluation panel, according to the number of applications evaluated.

In this 6th edition, and in order to assess the merit of the applications in a qualitative way, they were asked to present in a narrative way their scientific and curricular path, describing their research trajectory.

Of the applications selected, 56% are from women and 30% are from researchers of foreign nationality. The countries with the highest representation are: Spain (20 researchers), Italy (20) and Brazil (14). See the statistical summary.

The applications were selected through an evaluation and ranking process carried out by 29 international panels, making a total of 342 evaluators. In this edition, there was an overall renewal of the Panels by 98%, having been 100% in 25 of them, compared to the previous edition. The percentage of female evaluators was 48%. See the constitution of the evaluation panels.

After this disclosure of provisional results, the preliminary hearing period of ten working days begins, during which candidates and unselected candidates may oppose their evaluation.

The employment contracts must be signed between the researchers and the host institutions within 90 days after the signing of the program contracts, between them and FCT. This will happen after the final results are announced (after the preliminary hearing).

The Individual CEEC is one of the funding instruments for the hiring of researchers defined by the Scientific Employment Regulation launched in 2017 by FCT, following the publication of Decree-Law No. 57/2016, and recently updated (see here the current version of the REC). The CEEC Individual has been held annually since 2018. Below is a table with a summary of the 6 editions already completed.

Summary table of data from the 6 editions of CEEC Individual
CEEC Individual Year Publication of Notice of the Call Application period Publication of provisional results No. of contracts awarded
6th Edition 2023 March 2023 April - May 2023 28.11.2023 400
5th Edition 2022 December 2021 February - March 2022 01.08.2022 400
4th Edition 2021 December 2020 January - February 2o21 23.11.2021 400
3rd Edition 2020 December 2019  January - February 2o20 29.10.2020 300
2nd Edition 2019 December 2018  January - February 2o19 27.11.2019 300
1st Edition 2018 December 2017  January - February 2o18 17.09.2018 500